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INTERBID       Live auction webcasters.

Live Auction Webcasts With Interbid Live you can bid live online at the auctions listed below. Most of these are live auctions with a crowd of bidders and an auctioneer.

Online Only Auctions The online only auctions are simillar to a webcast auction but without the crowd. Bidding takes place over several days and then the lots are offered, one after the other untill all are sold.

Registration In order to bid at an auction you need to register with each auction house. Registration is easy and free, just follow the link to the auction below.

Next Webcasts Location Link to Webcast
Hayes Auctioneers - Perth
General Auction
Sunday, April 19
Scammell Auctions - Adelaide
Furniture Auction
Monday, April 20
Scammell Auctions - Adelaide
Smalls Auction
Monday, April 20
Small and Whitfield - Adelaide
Day Auction Estate Sale
Tuesday, April 21
Mason Gray Strange - Adelaide
Pro Audio/Visual Hire Company
Wednesday, April 22
Hassal Auctions - Brisbane
Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport
Wednesday, April 22
Mason Gray Strange - Adelaide
Estate Clearances
Thursday, April 23
Abbeys Auctions - Melbourne
General Household Goods
Friday, April 24
Glenelg Auction Centre - Portland
Major Home of Consequence Contents
Sunday, April 26
Mason Gray Strange - Adelaide
Contract Landscaper
Monday, April 27
Mason Gray Strange - Adelaide
Persian Rug Gallery Distraint
Tuesday, April 28
Theodore Bruce - Adelaide
Festival of Arts Auction
Wednesday, April 29
The Auction Rooms - Adelaide
General Auction
Thursday, April 30
Abbeys Auctions - Melbourne
Collectables & Classics Auction
Saturday, May 2

Interbid Live For the last ten years Interbid has been enabling people to bid at live auctions across Australia. If you can't make it to one of our webcast auctions you can still listen and bid live through Interbid.

Fast Auction Protocol: Interbid Live is currently the only system in the world, which uses the patented Fast Auction Protocol, this makes Interbid Live up to three times faster than competing systems.

At Interbid we aim to bring all the excitement of a live auction to the Internet.

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