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The Interbid Story       User friendly auctions from scientific research

Company History
In 1994 while a lecturer in computer networks with the Department of Computer Science at the Flinders University of South Australia, Dr. Michael Groves co-founded a research group to investigate the possibility of auctioning on the Internet. The group's research work led to the publication of the world's first scientific paper on Internet auctioning* way back in 1995.

Because of the commercial potential in such an auction and because of the amount of work needed to develop it, in 1997 Michael Groves left the University and started work on development of fast Internet auction systems.

Interbid Pty. Ltd. ABN 67 098 441 813 was incorporated in October 2001 to commercialise that development work. Interbid Live was the first Australian built live webcast platform. Interbid Live has been under development and in constant use, since Interbid's first live auction webcast in 2003.

* "Design of an Internet-based system for remote Dutch Auctions" by T. E. Rockoff and M. P. Groves, Journal of Internet Research: Electronic networking Applications and Policy, Volume 5, Number 4, (1995) pp.10-16.