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Interbid page for registrations to bid at Bennetts Classic Auctions webcasts.

Error connecting to registration server
This is the page for registering to bid online.
A message has been sent to the registration server.
When a reply is received, a form will appear here.
If no reply is received for 30 seconds then communication
is being blocked, probably by a firewall. The Windows
firewall and most home firewalls do not block this traffic.
Some routers can contain a firewall that can block this traffic.

Needed to bid
This program needs to connect on TCP port 8080.
The bidding program uses the same port,
so if you can't get through to register on this device,
you probably also won't be able to bid on it.

What to try
You might try registering and bidding on a mobile phone
or connecting using mobile broadband or a mobile phone as a hotspot.
This program uses WebSockets on TCP port 8080 to communicate
to the auction server. The auction server is at IP address
It is normally possible to allow traffic on port 8080 to just the
auction server and so not open the port up to anyone else.

Account Management
The form to fill in to register as a bidder, is just below. Further down this page you can recover your password or change your password.

New Bidder Registration
Mandatory fields are indicated with an asterisk.* This information may be used to contact you to confirm your details. When approved your password will be sent to you via email.

Email Address*
Confirm Email Address*
First Name*
Last Name*
Business Name
Town or Suburb*
State* Other:
Drivers License*

Recover your password
Please enter your email address so your registration can be found and your password emailed to you.
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Change your password
Please enter your email address and old password and then enter your new password twice.
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