Webcast Help Page

1. Bid Ladder
The bid ladder shows the progress of the bidding on this lot and offers bid buttons. In this case there have been three bids from the crowd at the auction and one bid on the Internet leaving the bidding at $10,500. This bidder can now set a bid limit by clicking on one of the grey buttons.

For this example the bidder wants to set a bid limit of $12,000 and so clicks the appropriate button. This brings up the bid confirmation screen (shown middle above) and the bidder simply clicks on the same spot to confirm the bid limit. If no one else bid first, then a bid would be placed on their behalf at $11,000 as shown on the above right. If no one else bids then this Internet bidder will get the lot for $11,000. However, if someone else bids $11,500 then a bid would be placed for this bidder immediately at $12,000. In fast auctions it is important for Internet bidders to set a limit as far up the bid ladder as they are comfortable and then have the system, bid rapidly on their behalf. The yellow warning colour of two of the buttons, indicates that the bidders bid limit is not much higher than the current bid, so they are in danger of losing the bid.

2. Lot Display

The top part shows the information about the lot that is being offered and below it is a picture of the lot. If you move your mouse over any of the lots in the catalogue on the left of the screen shot above then a picture of that lot will be displayed in this area.

3. Bidding

When you have finished bidding you can click the 'Log Off' button to log off. When you start this program that button is labelled 'Bidder Login' and is the button to click to login. You will then be prompted for your email address and password. When you login you will be given a paddle number for this auction, in this case the bidder has paddle number 5195.


The click and confirm or double click method of bidding discussed above, is the recommended way of bidding. However some people find it useful to save a little bit of time by clicking the 'Single Click' button. Then a single click is all that is needed to bid on the next five lots. The old system where the single click feature could be activated permanently, meant that an accidental click anywhere on the bid ladder, caused an unwanted bid.

4. Sound

The 'Turn sound off' button can be used to turn off or on the audio stream of the auctioneer. If you have a poor Internet connection or are experiencing delays turning off the sound can improve performance. The lower part displays messages and advice.


5. Preferences

The preferences selector offers you a chance to alter a number of preferences. 'View Your Bids' will bring up a window that shows all the lots you have active bids on. The next two preferences relate to when you have audio streaming off, the system makes up for the lack of sound by other sounds including a hammer crash and by showing pretend auctioneers patter. The 'Turn other sounds Off' and 'Turn patter Off' preferences will turn off these extra sounds and messages. 'Turn sale Popups Off' will block the message that pops up when you win a lot.


6. Go to lot

Clicking on the 'Go to lot' button brings up the go to panel where you can enter a lot number and click 'Go to lot' to go to the lot. Handy when you know the number of some lots you want to check. Clicking the 'X' button in this panel (and the next two panels) returns the panel to the start with just the 'Go to lot' button showing.


7. Find

Clicking the 'Find' button brings up the search panel where you can enter a text string and click 'Next' or 'Previous' to find the next/prior lot with that text in its title. This feature works while viewing the catalogue or viewing single lots.


8. Favourites

Clicking on the 'Favourites' button brings up the favourites panel. You can add a lot to your favourites by bidding on it or by viewing it and then clicking on 'Add to Favourites'. You can move through your favourite lots by clicking on 'Next Favourite'. Next Favourite works while viewing the catalogue or viewing individual lots, but 'Add to Favourites' only works while viewing single lots. You have to be logged in for the system to store and retrieve your favourites.


9. Follow Current

This is the most requested new feature. If 'Follow Current Lot' is ticked the catalogue will automatically jump to each lot as it is offered. By clicking to remove the tick on 'Follow Current Lot' you are free to browse the catalogue, search etc. Then when you want to watch the auction tick 'Follow Current Lot' again to have the catalogue follow the auction.


10. Catalogue Index

If the catalogue is more than a hundred lots it is broken into sections. You click on these buttons to go to the required section. The sections overlap a little so that when for example lot 99 is offered there will still be several lots on view in the catalogue.

11. Dynamic Catalogue

Move the mouse over a lot to see a bigger picture of the lot. Click on a lot to see the biggest picture of the lot and if you wish bid on the lot. Lots that are sold are indicated by a light grey, the current lot on offer is highlighted in light blue and lots you have favourited or bid on, are also highlighted.

Further Information

If your problem is to do with bidding you should try the offline demonstration auction. A valuable chance to practice bidding without buying anything. If your problem is with getting things to run, you should look at the system requirements page. You can recover your password or change it, at the 'Account Management' page. Finally there is loads of useful information available from the frequently asked questions FAQ page. All of these can be accessed from the web page that lists the webcasts for this auction house.