Interbid Bidding Practice FAQ Requirements

Webcast System Requirements

No Java
The auction client is a Java program and if it does not run you probably don't have Java installed on your web browser. You can get the Java plugin from Oracle by going to the website and then clicking on "Free Java Download". If you already have Java, but still get the "no Java" error, then try removing or uninstalling all copies of Java and then reinstalling it. Java is available for Mac's but suitable Java is not available for iPads, Androids and smart phones.

Google Chrome
The Google Chrome web browser has dropped support for Java, which is required for the existing bidding applets. The beta tablet version will run on Google Chrome. For the full bidding experience with audio we recommend Chrome users switch to a different web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox, or Safari on Mac's. For more information please go to

Java enabled
If you use Microsoft's Internet Explorer it is possible that you have Java installed but not enabled, if so you should select "Internet Options..." from the "Tools" menu and then click the "Advanced" tab. About half way down the list there will be either be the heading "Java (Sun)" or "Microsoft VM", if neither are there follow the above instructions to install Sun Java. If "Java (Sun)" is there tick the "Use JRE ..." option, if "Microsoft VM" is there tick the "JIT compiler..." option. If both headings are there, make sure only one of the above options is ticked. If you make a change restart Internet Explorer and try connecting again.

General Firewalls
The Windows firewall and most home firewalls do not block the Internet traffic from the auction client to the server and back. However many office firewalls block this traffic so you may need to either tell the firewall to allow this traffic or use a machine that is not behind a restrictive firewall. Routers often contain a firewall that can block this traffic. The auction server is at IP address and uses UDP ports 6070, 6071 and 6072. The address to allow or ignore is,

Freezing on Macs
Some Mac users report the program only running for ten or twenty lots before it freezes. The new version uses a lot more memory than the older version and relies on this memory being recycled. If you are a Mac user and the screen freezes please try using the older version.

Missing Rows
If the last couple of rows are missing off the bid ladder you may have the zoom set on your browser to something less than 100%. Altering the zoom won't make the text in the bidding app any larger or smaller, it just changes the size of the box it is drawn in.

Text Entry - Protected Mode
In protected mode you cannot type information into the registration screen or logon to the auction system. Windows protected mode is turned on by default in Internet Explorer 7 running on Windows Vista. If you are willing to disable protected mode in order to register and bid, select Tools/ Internet Options, select the Security tab and then untick the box next to the lable that reads "Enable Protected Mode".

Satellite Internet
The auction webcast program runs well over Dialup, ADSL, Cable, GPRS and mobile broadband, however people using the Internet via satellite may experience unworkable delays, dropouts or simply not be able to connect at all. We are investigating ways to improve the service over satellite links but the transmission delays can make live bidding impractical.